Wide Open Spaces 1: Landscape Class for Ages 6-Adult (In Session)


This session has ended. If you are interested in joining this course when we offer it again in the future, please contact us or register for email updates.

Students will draw with chalk pastels, using photographs and the great outdoors as inspiration and reference. We’ll learn to master the following:

  • 3D forms and spaces (using one-point perspective and aerial perspective)
  • Landscape, seascape, cityscape, skyscape, and outer space
  • Color blending, and using chromatic coloring techniques
  • Foreground, middle ground, and background

Where: Spirit Made Steel Martial Arts

When: Mon-Fri, Jun 26-30, 1:00pm – 4:00pm (15 hours total)

Supplies: Included in class fee (soft pastels).

Art Instructor: Noel Newquist (Mr. New)

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 9 Extended to Sunday, June 11 (Late registrations add $25)

Class Size: Five to twenty students. If the minimum of 5 is not reached by the registration deadline, Newquii Studios may choose to cancel this course and refund registration fees. For more information, please see our Terms of Service.

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This session has ended. If you are interested in joining this course when we offer it again in the future, please contact us or register for email updates.

Wide Open Spaces 1: Landscape Class

Welcome to the Wide Open Spaces 1 landscape class; it’s wonderful to see your smiling face today! Come learn something new, with Mr. New.

Anyone can learn how to draw and paint. There are no prerequisites for this course, except for the age requirement (6-adult). Although it is not required, we do recommend that students in this class have some previous understanding of basic drawing skills and color theory. Students who enroll in our Beginner Drawing Studio and Ultimate Color Theory courses will be more than adequately prepared for this course. Regardless of experience level, anyone who has a desire to learn is welcome to join this intermediate level course. There’s something for everyone to learn!


Spirit Made Steel Martial Arts
1604 Slaughter Rd.
Madison, AL 35758


Five day course, 3 hours per day. Total 15 hours.
Monday – Friday, June 26-30
1:00pm – 4:00pm


Newquii Studios will provide all of the necessary supplies, to include chalk pastels and drawing pads. Students will get to keep these supplies when the course is complete. As references, students in the Wide Open Spaces 1 course will use photographs, interior spaces, and the great outdoors.

If you wish, you may also choose to bring your own supplies in addition to those provided.

Learning Targets

In the Wide Open Spaces 1 landscape class, we’re going to take an in-depth look at perspective. From landscapes to intergalactic space, students in this class will learn how to make objects appear up-close or distant. We’ll learn about foreground, middle ground, and background. Working from photos and from real life observation, students in this course will learn how 3D spaces really look, instead of how we think they should look. From understanding perspective lines to noticing how distant objects appear blue-gray, learning to see is the first step in learning to draw.

Come learn how to draw with chalk pastels, how to render a 3D space, and how the human eye sees colors, sizes, and shapes in the distance (uh-oh, there goes Mr. New talking about science again!). In the process, students will boost their vocabulary with words like: composition, perspective, scale, saturation, value, tint, shade, cast shadow, and so much more!

If any of this sounds too complicated, trust that Mr. New will be with you every step of the way. And trust that pastel drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. By the time you complete this class, you’ll be proficient in blending colors and rendering 3D forms and spaces, and you’ll be fully prepared for the following courses:

Art Instructor

The Wide Open Spaces 1 Landscape Class will be taught by local elementary school art teacher: Noel Newquist, known as Mr. New by students across Madison. As an art teacher for Madison City’s elementary schools, Mr. New has 9 years of experience working with every level of art student, from beginners to national award-winners. To enjoy free lessons from Mr. New, check out Mr. New’s Art Class on YouTube. To see some of Mr. New’s artwork, check out the Original Artwork section of our shop.


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