(ENDED) Advanced Illustration Sessions – Summer 2019

Where: Heritage Elementary School

When: Monday through Thrusday, June 17-20, 2019. 2:00-4:00pm (pay per session, or get 10% off if you register for all 4)

Supplies: Included in class fee (Micron pens, colored pencils, and Copic markers)

Art Instructor: Noel Newquist (Mr. New)

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Advanced Illustration Learning Targets

These Advanced Illustration sessions are intended as a follow-up for anyone who has attended our Beginning Illustration sessions. The purpose of this course is to dive deeper into the techniques and styles of visual storytelling. In these courses, students will learn about action, mood, emphasis, and impact. We will also play with color theory, composition, and so much more. These classes are OPEN TO ALL AGES. You’re never to young or old to start learning about art!

Session Offerings

The cost of each session is $25 for a two-hour class. Register for all four sessions, and get 10% off!

Session 1 – Gesture & Action
Learn how to give your characters mood and/or momentum. Understand how dynamic poses can quickly give the viewer more information about a character’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Micron pens, colored pencils, and Copic markers.
Monday, June 24th, 2:00-4:00pm

Session 2 – Advanced Inking Techniques
Learn how varying line thickness and contrast impact your overall illustration. Also, learn several different methods for creating a range of light and dark values. Micron pens, colored pencils, and Copic markers.
Tuesday, June 25th, 2:00-4:00pm

Session 3 – Chromatic Shading
Learn how to increase the realism of your illustrations by adding dynamic shadows and highlights. Also, learn a bit of the science about how light interacts with surfaces, environments, and the human eye! Micron pens, colored pencils, and Copic markers.
Wednesday, June 26th, 2:00-4:00pm

Session 4 – Layout & Composition
Learn advanced concepts related to the overall layout of an illustrated page. Focus on the main purpose of the story while making choices about where different visual elements should be placed throughout an illustration. Also, discuss dynamic ways to lay out frames for a comic strip or page. Micron pens, colored pencils, and Copic markers.
Thursday, June 27th, 2:00-4:00pm

Showcase from Previous Art Camps


Mister New will provide all of the necessary supplies, to include pencils, erasers, papers, Micron pens, colored pencils, Copic markers, etc. As references, students in the Illustration courses will use favorite stories, photographs, and imagination. If you wish, you may also choose to bring your own supplies and/or stories in addition to those provided.

Class Size

A maximum of 20 students will be allowed per session. If that threshold is met, we will consider offering the same classes again later in the summer.


Heritage Elementary School
11775 County Line Road
Madison, AL 35758

Art Instructor

The Illustration sessions will be taught by local elementary school art teacher: Noel Newquist, known as Mr. New by students across Madison. As a National Board Certified art teacher for Madison City’s elementary schools, Mr. New has 11 years of experience working with every level of art student, from beginners to national award-winners. To enjoy free lessons from Mr. New, check out Mr. New’s Art Class on YouTube.


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