Mr. New's Virtual Art Class


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May 18 - May 22

Looking Up with Michelangelo

In this lesson, we have some fun looking upward at our artwork… and we get paint all over ourselves in the process.

May 11 - May 15


In this lesson, we take a turn away from realistic drawing and try our hand at abstraction.

May 4 - May 8

Miniature Portfolios

In this lesson, we cut one sheet of paper into several smaller pieces, and create a miniature portfolio with a consistent theme across all 6 pieces.

April 27 - May 1

Illustrating An Epic Setting

In this lesson, we continue the discussion about creating emphasis by illustrating an epic setting of a castle in the distance, with numerous adversities filling the journey the viewer must take as they read their way through the drawing.

April 20 - April 24

Practicing Composition & Using Emphasis

In this lesson, we learn how the arrangement of elements within our artwork has a tremendous effect on the overall feel of the end result. We discuss several methods of using emphasis to direct the viewer’s eyes around the frame, as well as some methods of evoking certain emotional themes.

April 9 - April 17

How to Turn In Art Assignments

In this lesson, we’re learning how to upload our artwork into Google Classroom. Don’t worry about making any art right now. Just take a picture of yourself holding something that has made you happy during the school closure, and upload it using the instructions in this video.